I’ll use this page to record the Comment of the Month winners, if any, for months starting with January 2023. I link to a specific comment in the list below, but typically each winner has made multiple comments, so search them up!

Inaugural Winners for 2015-2022: John Macdonald and Clint. They both have multiple excellent comments.

January 2023: Stephan Frisbie.

February 2023: Dylan Gormley. This is an ‘all-around’ commenter award for both great technical comments/questions and for a much-needed dose of comic relief.

March 2023: Michael Foobaz.

April 2023: None.

May 2023: None.

June 2023: Mansoor and Sandford. Mansoor for good comments on calculating the power of a random-process model, which touches on the cycloergodicity issue. Sandford for great persistence in getting his second-order CSP code going, which is the fundamental purpose of the CSP Blog. Thanks to you both, and refrigerator magnets are on the way!

July 2023: None.

August 2023: Andreas for probing comments and questions regarding my ongoing machine-learning work with the estimable John Snoap.

Some readers’ pictures of their magnets in situ:

  • Mike on the East Coast:

Dylan Gormley in Illinois (what did I tell you about the comic relief!!):

Mansoor (magnet is in good company):

Sandford in Australia:

Andreas in Germany (with bonus meme):

My number-three son’s waterbottle (I have stickers too!):

You could be next!

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