Infinity, Periodicity, and Frequency: Comments on a Recent Signal-Processing Perspectives Paper ([R195])

If a tool isn’t appropriate for your problem, don’t blame the tool. Find another one.

Let’s take a look at a recent perspectives-style paper published in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine called “On the Concept of Frequency in Signal Processing: A Discussion [Perspectives],” (The Literature [R195]). While I criticize the paper directly, I’m hoping to use this post to provide my own perspective, and perhaps a bit of a tutorial, on the interrelated concepts of frequency, infinity, sine waves, and signal representations.

I appreciate tutorial papers in the signal-processing literature (see, for example, my post on Candan’s article about the Dirac delta [impulse] function), because my jaundiced view of the field is such that I think the basics, both of mathematics and communication-related signal-processing, are neglected in favor of fawning over the research flavor of the month. Over time, everybody–students, researchers, professors–is diminished because of this lack of attention to foundations.

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SPTK: Signal Representations

A signal can be written down in many ways. Some of them are more useful than others and can lead to great insights.

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In this Signal Processing ToolKit post, we’ll look at the idea of signal representations. This is a branch of signal-processing mathematics that expresses one signal in terms of one or more signals drawn from a special set, such as the set of all sine waves, the set of harmonically related sine waves, a set of wavelets, a set of piecewise constant waveforms, etc.

Signal representations are a key component of understanding stationary-signal processing tools such as convolution and Fourier series and transforms. Since Fourier series and transforms are an integral part of CSP, signal representations are important for all our discussions at the CSP Blog.

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