CSP Resources: The Ultimate Guides to Cyclostationary Random Processes by Professor Napolitano

My friend and colleague Antonio Napolitano has just published a new book on cyclostationary signals and cyclostationary signal processing:

Cyclostationary Processes and Time Series: Theory, Applications, and Generalizations, Academic Press/Elsevier, 2020, ISBN: 978-0-08-102708-0. The book is a comprehensive guide to the structure of cyclostationary random processes and signals, and it also provides pointers to the literature on many different applications. The book is mathematical in nature; use it to deepen your understanding of the underlying mathematics that make CSP possible.

You can check out the book on amazon.com using the following link:

Cyclostationary Processes and Time Series

Antonio’s previous book, Generalizations of Cyclostationary Signal Processing: Spectral Analysis and Applications, is focused on extensions of the basic theory of cyclostationary random processes. In particular, he examines the probability struture of conventional cyclostationary signals that have been subject to special propagation effects such as a time-varying Doppler effect associated with large relative time-varying speed between transmiter and receiver.

You can check out this older book on amazon.com using the following link:

Generalizations of Cyclostationary Signal Processing

I view these books as complementary to the CSP Blog. The purpose of the Blog is to bridge the gaps between the highly mathematical and technical literature (such as these books) and the practice of processing real-world data.

Full Disclaimer: I haven’t read every page of these books (working on it!), and I don’t claim to understand every result, theorem, or proof.

Please let me and the readers of the CSP Blog know if you have any comments on your experiences with the books by using the Comments section below.

Author: Chad Spooner

I'm a signal processing researcher specializing in cyclostationary signal processing (CSP) for communication signals. I hope to use this blog to help others with their cyclo-projects and to learn more about how CSP is being used and extended worldwide.

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