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Final Update on “Future Posts” Poll:

So among the CSP Blog readers that voted, I think the consensus is to produce more “on brand” posts on CSP and the Signal-Processing ToolKit. Also, there is significant interest in doing CSP with GNU Radio, which I have considerable experience with, and so I’ll likely be posting some flowgraph ideas and results at some point in 2023.

Thanks everybody! (But I’ll still rant and rave from time to time; sorry!)

Update June 25, 2023: When I said you can vote multiple times, I didn’t mean to ‘spam’ the poll (as my kids would say). Someone just voted for one of the responses ten times in a row (same IP address ten votes within one minute). I meant you can vote for several different items in the poll! So I did remove some of those identical votes. I’ll close the poll at the end of the day June 30.

Update May 11, 2023: Please vote in the Reader Poll below (multiple times if you’d like) soon! As of today, CSP Applications and Signal Processing ToolKit are in the lead, with Rants and Datasets at the bottom.

The CSP Blog is rolling along here in 2023!

March 2023 broke a record for pageviews in a calendar month with over 7,000 as of this writing early in the day on March 31.

Let’s note some other milestones and introduce a poll.


What a month! We’re at about 7,145 views right now, and the previous monthly record is 6,482.

2023 was the year that a CSP Blog post crossed the 20,000-view milestone: The Spectral Correlation Function. The Cyclic Autocorrelation Function is not far behind.

About 84,000 visitors have been counted over the years since the CSP Blog launched in 2015, with 5,500 this year already. I believe this is just a count of the unique IP addresses that have accessed a page. But the number of subscribers is only 198! You can subscribe (“Follow”) to the CSP Blog by entering an email address in the “Follow Blog via Email” box on the right edge of any viewed page, near the top of the page. You’ll get notified through that email address whenever there is a new post. CSP Blog readers cannot see that email address, just as they cannot see the email address associated with any comment, unless there is an associated gravatar.

Reader Poll

I’m planning to have more time available to devote to improving and extending the CSP Blog over the next few months. If you want to have input into that process, consider voting in the poll below.

Future Posts

What type of CSP Blog post do you most want to see in 2023?

The poll has expired!

Thanks so much to all my readers!

Author: Chad Spooner

I'm a signal processing researcher specializing in cyclostationary signal processing (CSP) for communication signals. I hope to use this blog to help others with their cyclo-projects and to learn more about how CSP is being used and extended worldwide.

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  1. Hi Chad! Adding to your probably lengthy list of topics to cover in your blog: a post on CSP for direction-of-arrival estimation would be excellent and very much appreciated!

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