Blog Notes and Preview

May 2022 saw 6026 page views at the CSP Blog, a new monthly record!

Thanks so much to all my readers, new and old, signal processors and machine learners, commenters and lurkers.

My next non-ranty post is on frequency-shift (FRESH) filtering. I will go over cyclic Wiener filtering (The Literature [R6]), which is optimal FRESH filtering, and then describe some interesting puzzles and problems with CW filtering, which may form the seeds of some solid signal-processing research projects of the academic sort.

Author: Chad Spooner

I'm a signal processing researcher specializing in cyclostationary signal processing (CSP) for communication signals. I hope to use this blog to help others with their cyclo-projects and to learn more about how CSP is being used and extended worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Blog Notes and Preview”

    1. Thanks Jonas–your encouragement keeps me motivated. Unfortunately, here in the summer of 2022, motivation is not my problem, it is instead my day job, which is taking all my writing time away. I hope to return to fighting form soon…

    1. Welcome to the CSP Blog lisir! I appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, the FRESH filtering post is still a draft. It is coming, but I’m just not sure when. If you subscribe to the CSP Blog, you’ll get an email whenever I publish a new post.

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